Having a BBQ ? These great Mackerel & spring onion skewers are just the thing you need.

Trying to squeeze one last BBQ in before this heatwave leaves us ? ..

Well if you are then these mackerel & spring onion skewers with Teriyaki are a great addition.

Can be BBQ, char grilled or baked whatever you prefer. Simple and easy


1 mackerel – whole, filet and v cut to remove pin bones

Bunch of spring onion

6 Tbsp soy sauce

6 Tbsp mirin

30g caster sugar

50g grated ginger

Salt and pepper


1) slice the head off at an angle the guts should come with it. Slice along the belly to the tail to open it up.

2) cut off the filets. V cut to remove the bin bones. Slice mackerel into 3cm pieces

3) cut spring onion to same length as you’ve cut the mackerel. Take thin skewers and place through mackerel then the spring onion and so on until you have 3 mackerel pieces and 3 spring onion pieces. They should look like rugby post

4) mix the soy sauce & mirin together with the caster sugar and ginger and marinate mackerel for 2 hours

5) after 2 after have a pre heated bar grill or BBQ ready. Make sure the grill is very hot first. Cook 2 minutes skin side down and 3 minutes on the other side. Until the flesh is flaky.

Serve with some chilli and soy dip ..

Or if you need to cool down why not a cucumber & mint Raita

Simple but delicious.

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